Popularization of research advances on COVID-19

Research advances on COVID-19

The non-profit offers to make information on COVID-19 accessible to a wide audience, taken only from the publications of the largest international scientific journals, unlike others, without foundation, which circulate abundantly.

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OCTOBER 11-17 2021

The devastating consequences of Delta for the city of Delhi

India was not affectedly too badly at the beginning of the pandemic, but faced a much more severe crisis from April 2021. In the capital, Delhi, the virus had already been more widespread than in the rest of the country during the 1st wave, with more than 55% of inhabitants having been infected by January. […]


Basic research and its importance in the development of vaccines

The aim of vaccines is to prevent death or invalidity caused by a pathogenic agent. Their development is long and difficult, in the main because they must be able to be given safely to people in good health. This is why vaccines do not exist against the majority of diseases. However, though it takes on […]


The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened problems of anxiety and depression

Mental illness has been a major public health concern across the world for several decades. Amongst its various forms, those recognised as being the most disabling are depressive and anxiety disorders. These illnesses affect men and women of all ages. Despite numerous campaigns to combat these problems, they have not lessened since the 1990s.  The […]


Do montetary incentives to be vaccinated work?

Safe and effective vaccines to protect against serious forms of COVID-19 are now available. But slow up-take and low levels of vaccine coverage are dangerous for public health. Developed countries are struggling to achieve more than 70% coverage of the population vaccinated. Some governments have put financial incentive schemes in place to encourage individuals to […]


The evolution of immunity after vaccination

Infection by SARS-CoV-2 produces B cell responses that express powerful antibodies against the virus. The B cells evolve for at least a year after infection. During this evolution, the effectiveness of the antibodies produced increases, making them notably more potent against emerging variants. Vaccination is different from natural infection (path of virus administration, nature and […]


The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is more effective after natural infection

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is an adenovirus vectored vaccine expressing the spike protein of the Wuhan ancestral strain. It has 85% efficacy against severe forms of the disease and is administered in a single dose. It is helpful for countries with difficulties accessing vaccines. However, while we know that a supplementary dose of an […]

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