Popularization of research advances on COVID-19

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Doctor of Immunology, worked for 15 years on HIV in research institutes in France and abroad. He is the author of numerous scientific publications and popular articles. He is now editor of News COVID-19

Author of the Book : Les avancées de la recherche sur le SIDA

About News COVID-19

There are currently many information sources for the wider public to learn about new research into this disease. However, there is a clear need to provide more public information about advances in current Covid-19 research and to make the most recent results accessible to all. Scientific publications remain the preferred means of sharing  findings in primary and applied research. They are a guarantee of the quality of those discoveries brought to light by researchers, thanks to peer review processes, and the use of efficient methods of capitalization and archiving enable the chronology of new findings to be upheld. Since the beginning of the pandemic many articles on Covid-19 research have been published in major scientific publications of international renown such as Cell, Immunity, Nature, Nature Medecine, Science, New England Journal of Medecine,etc.. Thanks to peer validation these publications provide reliable reports on major advances in primary research on Covid-19 and constitute the principal means of communication and information for specialists.

However the wider public has only limited insight into this research on the virus and its spread and pathological impact. This is all the more regrettable since the whole world is eager to know about the most promising developments in primary and applied research.

Rendering these scientific articles more accessible is clearly an efficient means of reaching a wider audience. Care must be taken however to provide any conclusions with clear and precise contexts. The aim is to provide clear reporting on the latest scientific advances in Covid-19 research, and their impact.

Our intention in bringing this project to fruition is to stay up to date with the major scientific journals, and to summarize concisely the content of their most recent, important articles. The resulting texts will be archived on the site

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